About Us

Master Plan Catering Service aka caterer.com.my is a pioneer in the industry by being the first to provide online catering service in Malaysia bringing a one stop and complete catering service all in one portal.

Started in Sept 2006, MPCaterer.com.my has gained customer’s trust and confidence through its professional service and innovative offerings. Through our site, clients can now customize their special events and personally choose from among more than 900 items in our menu. Truly putting your needs & requirements at the heart of our business!

The management behind MPCaterer.com.my has over 20 years experience in the industry. This gives you the confidence that we are in the business that we know a fair bit of.

Since 2008, MPCaterer.com.my has expanded into a complete portal providing a wide range of catering – related services. Our business now includes:

  • Online catering business
  • Training and development of professionals in the F&B industry
  • Events management & coordination

We invite you to get to know us by going through our site. It is a direct and simple service where you can receive your quotation and process payment online. Once you are done, the price is generated and payment processes begin so that you can secure catering for your event without calling, waiting, remembering or worrying.

Our Mission

Our people are our main assets.

Food is about who makes it and serves it, and at MPCaterer.com.my you get it from one of the finest in Malaysia.

In catering management, we have those with more than 25 years experience in the business, therefore our staff have seen a fair bit, and if you have an even more extraordinary event in mind, who else would you expect to execute your expectations?
In the kitchen we have those who have experience in international hotels, restaurants and outdoor/indoor catering.

Our food presenters have the leadership of experienced hands who have served from head of states to your regular kenduri in the city or suburbs.

In trusting our team you are already ensuring yourself an excellent event.